Malvinder Singh

Malvinder Singh - A Life's Journey Former Chairman & CEO, Ranbaxy Laboratories Man behind Fortis, one of the fastest growing healthcare companies. Tweet

Bhavana Reddy

Bhavana Reddy - The Power of Dance in Storytelling Indian Classical Dancer, Singer-Songwriter Kuchipudi dancing prodigy at the age of 7 and now singer-songwriter, her unique music blends Indian melodies with western harmony. Tweet

Mallika Ishwaran

Mallika Ishwaran - Environment and Humanity Senior Policy & Regulatory Economist, Shell International There is no dichotomy between the environment and humanity. Tweet

Sunil Kant Munjal

Sunil Kant Munjal - Leading A Huge Business Conglomerate Joint Managing Director, Hero MotoCorp Sunil shares his experience of leading a huge business conglomerate. Tweet

Fawzia Koofi

Fawzia Koofi - Fixing Gender Inequality in Afghanistan Vice President, National Assembly of Afghanistan Being a politician and women’s rights’ activist in Afghanistan Tweet

Shweta Katti

Shweta Katti - A Remarkable Journey Born in one of Mumbai’s biggest red-light districts, Kamathipura, Shweta grew up in an environment where abuse and confinement of women was common. She went to a Marathi Municipal school where her friends called her cow-dung and black bamboo which affected her self-esteem. She was sexually abused by men 

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Vandnika & Sookrit

Vandnika & Sookrit of the Leaders Forum - What Are the Right Reasons? We all vote for different reasons, but the question is “What are the right reasons?” Tweet