Dhruv Vishwanath

Dhruv Vishwanath - A Guitar Can Be More Than An Instrument Vocalist & Guitarist A guitar can be more than an instrument. One of his kind, acoustic percussive guitarist. Tweet

Ashif Shaikh

Ashif Shaikh - Manual Scavenging Is Inhuman Convener, Rashtriya Garima Abhiyan Manual scavenging is inhuman, it is not a particular community’s problem, it is humanities problem Tweet

Alan Harlam

Alan Harlam - Listen To Your Inner Voice Director of Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship at Brown's Swearer Center "Listen to your Inner Voice" Tweet

Aisha Chaudhury

Happiness is an attitude,shares Aisha Chaudhury Aisha Chaudhary elucidates how she prefers to have a 'happy' pulmonary fibrosis and her attitude to life. In this heartwarming talk Aisha shares how she chooses to live life in spite of her challenging circumstances. Mature beyond her years, Aisha's strong determination shines through in this moving talk. Tweet

Sindhu V

Sindhu V When Sindhu V is asked by her mother, "Do you want me to die?" she decides it's time to get her act together. In her inimitable comic style Sindhu V shares how on a telephone call with her mother, she found her mojo for comedy. With wit and insight, Sindhu outlines the hard 

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