Don’t Miss out The Best Summer Ever!

A summer program at Stanford University, Amherst University and Oxford University. Available for kids entering grade 6-12. Highly recommended and tried and loved by our children!

The great books summer program is an experience like no other in American education. For the past thirteen years, GPSP has gathered exceptional middle and high school students from across the world to read, discuss and debate selection from the greatest works of literature, experience college level discussion and seminars and enjoy summer fun with other literary minded students. We offer summer camps at Stanford University.Amherst College and Oxford University.

Sample of life at great books: Read and discuss the likes of Plato, Jefferson, Tolstoy, Borges and Vonnegut with an international community of literature loving students and distinguish college faculty. Then join our arts and literature electives to write in a creative fiction workshop, paint “plein-air”, learn a new instrument, act in a Shakespeare play or closely read a Russian novel with a group of new friends. Join us in the evening of a camp author or celebrated movie director! Enjoy a world class university campus. Make friendship that will last a lifetime.

The student experience: Find your voice in the classroom the great books summer reading program gives student the opportunity to grow academically and socially as they prepare for high school or college. Open discussion encourage students to express themselves and give power to their ideas. Students gain confidence in their ability to read a text closely and express their ideas clearly both verbally and writing.

To reserve your spot with the shift series and get $200 refund.
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Campus Length 2015 Tuition Fee Registration fee Materials Fee Excursion Fee Weekend Trip International Fee Total Amount
Amherst College One Week 123553 13540 15233 8463 160788
Amherst College Two Weeks 233565 13540 18618 11848 8463 286033
Amherst College Three Weeks 338162 13540 22003 11848 8463 394014
Amherst College Four Weeks 436665 13540 25388 11848 8463 495903
Oxford University Two-Weeks 311420 13540 18618 11848 40620 8463 404508
Stanford University One Week 135062 13540 15233 8463 172297
Stanford University Two Weeks 256583 13540 18618 11848 8463 309051
Stanford University Three Weeks 374720 13540 22003 11848 8463 430572