“i am the Change”, a pre college program for high school students has been designed to expose and sensitise young leaders to social issues. Through the interactions, participants will develop skills & gather knowledge on how to develop sustainable & innovative solutions to challenges that they identify in their chosen community and grow into much needed SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURS.


buy Tastyliaonline no prescription CONCEPT
social entrepreneurship and it’s impact
social entrepreneurs engage with the participants sharing their experience on the ground
a visit to a social enterprise to get first hand information on the challenges that exist

identify a social cause they would like to work on along with a mini-project for them to work-upon during the course
as they put together a proposal that is SUSTAINABLE, SCALABLE and SHIFTS the status quo
peer consulting on the lines of Action Learning


The workshop will culminate in short presentations worked by each individual on what and how they would like to contribute towards their social responsibility.
Based on the proposal and field of interest, participants will be eligible for an opportunity to be selected for a mentorship program.


The Shift Series

Founded on the premise that we learn from experiences whether are own or that of others, The Shift Series brings to its audience of life long learners events that are out of the ordinary which shake our belief  and compel one to shift their thinking.

The Shift Series is an organization that acts as a catalyst for people to transcend personal and social barriers, creating opportunities that inspires passion, encourage innovation and out-of-the-box thinking. While doing so, The Shift Series endeavors to empower the next generation of concerned world citizens, giving them opportunities to interact and discuss matters of local and global importance.

order provigil online uk School for Social Entrepreneurship India

The School for Social Entrepreneurs India formally launched in Delhi on 3rd February 2016.

The School for Social Entrepreneurship (SSE) supports people using entrepreneurial approaches to tackle complex social problems. They help the social entrepreneurs gain practical business skills in addition to igniting entrepreneurial zeal for creating social value.

Action Learning forms the core of their pedagogy. Since their fellowship programme is action focused so participants must have time to dedicate to working on their project in between the fellowship sessions.

SSE India aims to support innovative grassroots projects. We search for great ideas from people with firsthand experience of social issues because we strongly believe personal experience builds a strong foundation of practical knowledge.

Contact Titiksha – 9911636572 or email contact@theshiftseries.com


Apply for this program

  • If you are student of class 9-12
  • Are motivated to engage with your community
  • Want to learn how to develop a sustainable program to bring about a change


7 Full day sessions spread over 2 weeks
May 13-15 & 22-25, 2017
9am – 4:30pm

Venue: 56 Anand Lok, New Delhi


RS. 20,000/- + taxes (inclusive of resource material, field trips and refreshments)


April 30, 2017

Your response to these two simple question will give us some insight into your thoughts.

The first steps towards bringing about any change is to engage with the community around you.

Is there an issue that you have come across in your community that has made an impression on you? Can you envision an initiative that could direct effort towards the challenge that you have identified?(500 words maximum)

Share your experience when you last reached out to help someone in need.
(250 words maximum)

If shortlisted, we will call or Skype with you for an informal chat. Selected students will receive an email confirmation