National Geographic Explorer Reading Program (The ‘EXPLORER’)

1. Course Title – National Geographic Explorer Reading Programme

1. Description – Designed for young readers ‘EXPLORER’ develops reading and comprehension skills.

1. Course Duration- 1 year course (Online) – ‘EXPLORER’  brings out  7 issues of dynamic material for students every year; print & digital. ‘EXPLORER’  is not sold in bookstores nor is it available for sale to individuals.

1. ‘EXPLORER’ is designed keeping in mind the child’s age and is available in 4 different reading levels, suitable for children from Junior KG to Class 10.  Virtual Lessons HD with fascinating visuals, award- winning photographs and awe-inspiring stories & vivid accounts from real-life Scientists & Explorers. With continuous, updated, and relevant non-fiction content, ‘EXPLORER’ addresses scientific, societal and environmental issues that impact our children today.   Nat Geo has over 8,000,000 students using Explorer around the world.  Explorer is the most awarded and recognized educational resource in the world.

Fee – Rs.5000 for each Subscription.

Lists of Lessons –

A. Young Explorer (Jr KG to Std. 1) ……upgrades in our Program from 2015.

Our Young Explorer reading level will now come at 2 levels :

1.      Young Explorer SCOUT for ages 3 to 4

2.      Young Explorer VOYAGER for ages 5 to 7

B. Pioneer (Std. 2 to Std. 4)

Course Duration- 1 year course (Online programme)

Venue – Online

**To apply for this program via THE SHIFT SERIES write to contact@ Call +91 9911636572 and we will send you the required set up process to facilitate your admission.