Aisha Chaudhury

Happiness is an attitude,shares Aisha Chaudhury Aisha Chaudhary elucidates how she prefers to have a 'happy' pulmonary fibrosis and her attitude to life. In this heartwarming talk Aisha shares how she chooses to live life in spite of her challenging circumstances. Mature beyond her years, Aisha's strong determination shines through in this moving talk. Tweet

Sindhu V

Sindhu V When Sindhu V is asked by her mother, "Do you want me to die?" she decides it's time to get her act together. In her inimitable comic style Sindhu V shares how on a telephone call with her mother, she found her mojo for comedy. With wit and insight, Sindhu outlines the hard 

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Ani Choying Drolma

Ani Choying Drolma The Singing Nun -- Ani Choying Drolma mesmerizes with her powerful chanting of Buddhist hymns and Nepalese folk songs. Ani La's musical talent was an accidental discovery when she fled home to escape beatings from her violent father. She took refuge in a Buddhist sanctuary where she would often sing hymns when 

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Vineeth Vincent

Vineeth Vincent "You can do any complex activity by breaking it down," philosophizes Vineeth Vincent and proves it by simplifying beatboxing. For Vineeth Vincent beatboxing is a passion. He uses his skill to motivate people to do difficult tasks by breaking them down. He shares his belief that nothing is impossible in this entertaining segment 

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